Tianjin Tianchuang Runfeng Chemicals co., Ltd

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About Us

Tianjin Tianchuang Runfeng Chemicals Co., Ltd. was founded in1998, and is a professional sales enterprise. Our company specializes in many kinds of chemicals material for international market. We invest in huge amount of capital for enlarging our firm scope and updating our production technology and equipment. As a large and powerful company, we have strong technical strength, advanced production technology, pe

Company Profile
Basic Information  
Company Name: Tianjin Tianchuang Runfeng Chemicals co., Ltd
Business Type: Manufacturer
Product/Service: 1Paint:Lithopone,Titanium Dioxide,Pigment,etc 2Rubber:Rubber Antioxidant,Rubber Accelerators,etc 3Acids:Oxalic Acid,Glacial Acetic Acid,Formic Acid,etc 4Others:Zinc Oxide,Sodium Metabisulfite,Carbon Black,etc.
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